"if you change nothing,

then nothing will change"

                                  Albert Einstein


booking process

At Thrive Medical Wellness, I see teenagers and also women who are wanting to make changes to improve their health.  The first consultation is for 1 hour and the cost is $480.  After a booking is made online, a message will then be sent via SMS to supply your email address.  Forms will then be emailed to you to be filled out.  Please note that these forms are likely to take up to 2 hours and that this information is vital to the process of improving your health.  Your health concerns take time to unravel and I am with you for this journey. 

Follow-up appointments are generally for 30 minutes and this cost is $240.  It is usual for me to see a person multiple times over the first few months and then less often.  Everyone has a different journey as they have different genetics, lifestyle and environment. 

I admire the work that my patients do with me and I also work hard along with them.