your best health, your best life!


I like to help people to improve their health so that they can live a better life.  I believe that there are increasing pitfalls in modern life causing us to become unwell.  I aim to get to the bottom of these concerns so that overall health is improved.  Wellness is at the heart of what I do. 


“I believe that the greatest gift that you can give your family and the world is a healthy you”

— Joyce Meyer


My work embraces the art and science of wellness medicine.  Otherwise known as functional, nutritional or integrative medicine, this approach aims to look for and treat root causes. 

It may be best to understand this approach if looking at an example.  When someone is anxious, the standard or usual approach is to manage the condition with counseling/psychological treatments and also with medication.  My approach is to look at why the person is not making sufficient neurotransmitters to keep the person's mood more stable.  We work through genetic and especially epigenetic factors, gut health including digestion, absorption of nutrients and the microbiome, potential toxins that may interfere with metabolic processes and detoxification ability, nutrient insufficiencies, and lifestyle factors.  All of these elements have a potential role to play.  In any person, one or multiple factors may need addressing.  I see my role as helping the person to improve their condition but equally important is educating them to remain healthy.

There is an immense amount of research done in wellness medicine in the last 15 years.  If looking at the microbiome as an example, the number of research articles written is following an exponential curve.  Likewise, the knowledge gained from  epigenetics research is increasing every year.  Whereas we have until now followed protocols in treating conditions, the era of truly personalised medicine is with us.